Pengalaman pertama liburan bersama Jelajah Biru sangat berkesan dan nagih loh. Liburannya gak kayak liburan biasa yg cuma jalan-jalan nyebrang laut, snorkelling, main di pantai, tidur di penginapan aja. Tapi sambil belajar juga mengenal lingkungan dan budaya penduduk di sana (Wakatobi). Makanannya juga enakkk bingitz dan yang pasti banyak banget makanan yang baru pertama kali dicoba. Pokoknya asik dan berkesan liburan bersama Jelajah Biru.


Keindahan Wakatobi nggak hanya di laut, tetapi juga di darat.. Ikut aktivitas masyarakat itu nggak terlupakan, dan menambah kepekaan kita terhadap sekitar. Lets Travel With Respect!


Kicking the water and sand I moved forward.The sunlight reflect and pure in to the water,my couch and partner are ahead of me,i slowly take a breath in and float up and swim toward them.In front of us is a huge statue covered with colorful corals ..... This is the first time that i had ever divide before,is a wonderful experience. Besides i learned a lot about corals and fishes,and how to protect them.

Every year about 20 AISD (American International School Dhaka) students embark on a one week Discovery Week trip to Bali with the collaborative efforts of WWF-Indonesia.  Students are introduced to many activities throughout the week including, planting mangroves, beach cleanup, rehabilitation of turtles and seaweed farming.  Perhaps the most exciting event is the opportunity to obtain their SSI SCUBA license and participate in the Reef Check program in conjunction with Jelajah Biru at Taman Sari coastline in Pamuteran, North Bali.  Over the course of 3 dives, students were able to dive to depths of 10-15 meters and identify various fish, hard and soft coral species, lobsters and eels around the BioRocks! Majority of the students had never dived before and their first experience was exceptional as they were able to add to the digital catalogue created for the Reef Check program.  The experience created excellent dialogue, concern and personal action steps amongst students to take this experience and apply to steps in maintaining marine sustainability.  Thank you all for this humbling experience.  You changed the world one AISD student at a time!  
Purnima - American International School Dhaka Teacher

Bali trip was a blast the reef check and scuba diving thought me a lot about or planets coral system. We learned many ways to help the coral system and we saw amazing coral ourselves while in the dive. The reef check is really cool because you can do it at anytime when you see some coral. Learning about things such a coal bleaching and bio rock was very interesting. Bio rock was something really amazing to learn about and see how the coral is being saved. I really enjoyed this new experience with reef check and scuba diving.

Hamzah - American International School Dhaka Student


The Bali trip was an amazing experience, I learnt a lot while doing the reef check and scuba diving, like all the different species of organisms and how we can help the Coral reef. I truly felt proud after taking part in a project like this.

Abdullah - American International School Dhaka Student



Our trip to Bali was incredibly fun. We had great leaders and an incredible itinerary - things like scuba diving and visiting a turtle sanctuary really just made this trip spectacular and a wonderful new experience. Diving was an amazing experience, feeling the water submerge you fully and just being able to stay under and see everything that is going on was just breath-taking. I really enjoyed seeing the Bio rock and the instructors were nothing but helpful and kind, making sure we felt confident and sure of ourselves no matter what we were doing (even though there was a language barrier). The experience was amazing and definitely something I would do again.

Aidan - American International School Dhaka Student


The activities that my students and I experienced on our Discovery Week trip to Bali, Indonesia were truly unforgettable. Not only did we learn about conserving the earth, we were able to participate in real-life, hands on activities that were practical and meaningful. The impact of our trip can already be seen in the students actions and attitude at our school. Thank you WWF and Jelajah Biru for all you did to help make our experience great!

Lucas R. - American International School Dhaka Teacher

Miko Raharjo

"Reefcheck Karimunjawa bersama dengan Jelajah Biru hmmmm... My Bloody Awesome ... Bukan Liburan Biasa !!! "

Faqih Akbar

"Benar - benar pengalaman yang luar biasa menjadi bagian dari kegiatan Reef Check yang diadakan MDC Undip dan Jelajah Biru. Sebuah kebanggaan tersendiri dapat melakukan pendataan karang dan transplantasi karang yang merupakan salah satu aksi dalam bidang konservasi kelautan!"